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Men Sexual Wellness Care Supplement
For best results take one pill 20 minutes before the sexual intercourse,
and take on an empty stomach.This pill last for 72 hours,
please do not take more than one pill in a period of 24 hr.
Japan Tengsu Male Enhancement:
Japan Tengsu is a super strong, fast acting male enhancement pills for men.
Only takes 20 minutes to work.
2 、A pill is strong enough to provide a man with up to 72 hours of sexual energy.Continuous use will increase the length and thickness of your penis.3、 The date of production:In March 2019a4 、Shelf life:Five yearsIngredients:Ginseng, Spinacia Oleracca Extract, Male Deer Penis Extract;  Ingredients:Ginseng, Spinacia Oleracca Extract, Male Deer Penis Extract

A bottle contains 16 pill;will provide a firm hard erection that is LONG LASTING

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