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DOSE VITAL HONEY To improve and increase sexual ability for men Since Caviar is sensitive and perishable, a group of Japanese scientists, specialized in vital nutrition has came up with a creative way to restore and maintain it, by drying the eggs of Sturgeon “Caviar” by drying it , which is somewhat a complicated process and done by exposure to a temperature produced by a certain light wave, in special occasions, for many days, and after cooling it with dry air, it is grinded in special machinery with glass fibers, designed for this purpose, to maintain the nutritional and therapeutic features of Caviar to support men’s sexual abilities.


DOSE VITAL HONEY VIP also added the well calculated extract of the famous Malaysian herb called Eurycoma longifolia, which is famous for improving sexual performance. They also added cinnamon extract, which is filled with minerals and oils that revives the senses and support cells with important energy for metabolism. DOSE VITAL HONEY VIP is an instant source of energy to enhance male vitality. Pure honey fortified with selected mixture of rainforest herbs (Tongkat Ali and Ginseng) Nutritious honey enriched with vital biomolecules in, Bee larva

Nowadays, most people suffer from stress lifestyle with overexertion, many face emotional conflicts. The use of stimulants have well known deleterious side effects. Many suffer from sexual impotence and premature ejaculation and go for chemical drugs with their dangerous side effects and complications. Herbs have miraculous abilities.

FUNCTIONS:- * For a distinguished sexual activity. * No impotence, No infertility * Treats improper little ejecta and short sexual intercourse. * An instant energy source. * Rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins, digestive and metabolic enzymes. * Enhances nutrient absorption and metabolism. * Supports the immune system. * For better body muscular build up. * Improves blood circulation. * Enforces memory and brain functions

Gladiator Miracle Honey, take one sachet every 2 days

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